2 HooDoos About Orion Foxwood & Susan Diamond
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Born with “the veil” (a localized term for the second sight) in 1963 in Winchester Virginia, an area located in the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia that is rife with folklore, ghost tales, folk magic and lore. His father was part Lakota Native American and his culture is Southern and Appalachian. His mother was born in a slave quarter on a plantation called “The Hollingsworth Place” in 1934 where a freed slave affectionately known as “Miss Granny” was both her midwife and spiritual God-Mother. All of these distinctive elements formed the foundations of his cultural spirituality and magical practices as a teacher of “veil” practices that focus on spirit work and conjure.

Orion is a Conjurer in Southern Root Doctoring Practices, A Traditional Witch, An Alexandrian Wiccan High Priest, An Elder and Mantle Carrier for an Old Religionist Craft Lineage, And Faery Seer. He holds a masters degree in Human Services.

He is a dedicated teacher and author. Founding Elder of Foxwood Temple of the Old Religion, Co-Founder of House of Brigh Institute for Faery Seership, Co-Founder/ (National) Alliance of the Old Religion, and author of:
- “The Faery Teachings” published by RJ Stewart Books
-“The Tree of Enchantments” published by Weiser Books
-A collaborative CD project with RJ Stewart called “Faery Seership”
-And a 4 DVD set called “An Introduction to Faery Seership” recored by --Pendraig Publications.


Susan's earliest memories, starting at around age four, involve her grandmother teaching her how to do divination with a button on a string. On her 7th birthday her mother gave her her first tarot deck. Divination and Magic are Susan's passions and she has dedicated her life to magickal and healing practices. Along the way, Susan earned a degree in Psychology with an emphasis on Biology, helping to facilitate her natural counseling, psychic, and healing abilities.

In a response to a desire to bring earth based spirituality & magick back to its roots, Susan started a professional business in the field and has had a magical arts shop for over 10 years. Her private practice of readings and spellwork spans decades. Susan has also created a learning center for alternative faiths and magic so that others may learn and grow. Many of her clients have been with her for five, ten, fifteen, or more years.

Susan is a tarot card reader, psychic consultant, astrologer, rootworker, shamanic practitioner, initiated Palera, energy worker, teacher, dream walker, and owner of Serpent's Kiss Magick Shop and Botanica and Crossroads Community Space. She is a founding member of AIRR (Association of Independant Readers and Rootworkers). She has extensive knowledge of crystals and herbs as reflected in many of her custom herb, mineral, and oil preparations, incenses, soaps, waters, sprays, mojo hands, and candles. She is the sole creator and distributor of Dancing Witch & Moon Garden oils, incense, candles, soaps and baths and creates the many items you find at her shop.

Born November 1962, at moonrise, Susan is a water baby with 4 planets in Scorpio and a Cancer Moon which sits directly atop her Cancer Ascendant. A native New Yorker, Susan now lives with her life partner, Shimmering Wolf who is the designer of all her product labels, and web developer, their Dog and two cats in the Santa Cruz Mountains of California.